About Me

My relationship with food

Food is connection.   We choose foods to connect or disconnect at any time.  For a long time, food was my comfort and my way of disconnecting from difficult, emotionally charged situations.  I could go through a bag of chocolate chips in a day, and turn around and do it again the next, all the while creating a constant battle in my head between “I deserve” and “I am a bad person for having eaten that.”  As I cleaned up my diet by filling my body with whole natural foods, I felt more connected to my own emotions and the world around me.  As a result, I created a better, more loving and respectful relationship with myself and I didn’t want to put unhealthy food into my body anymore – the desire was simply gone.  I still sometimes catch myself using food to emotionally disconnect and I am so grateful to have been taught how to listen to and reconnect with myself in that moment.  It is then that I make the conscious decision to eat nutritious food and live a delicious life based on what my body is really asking for.

Supporting your relationship with food

Your body knows exactly what it needs, and it is telling you every single moment.  Our work together allows you to tune into your body’s messages and strengthen your intuition. As we build your health goals into this foundation you are supported and empowered to eat and live in alignment with who you are and what your body needs in order to thrive. My approach is direct yet compassionate with a solid twist of humor.  Deconstruct your cravings, connect with your body, live a juicier life, and have some fun with the process. This is your body, and no diet book or theory can outsmart it.


digestive health (food allergies, suppressed immune system, candida, leaky gut syndrome, cleansing, liver & gallbladder stagnation), food & mood (emotional eating, energetics of food)


I split my time between San Francisco and Massachusetts and work with clients everywhere, so I operate mostly over the phone or via skype. This prevents delayed appointments due to lack of parking and hectic lifestyles and we get to work together from the comforts of wherever we both are.  This format allows my clients and I to bring a laser-like focus and a great amount of openness to our sessions without any outside distractions.  I work with individuals and also conduct group programs, workshops, teleclasses, and corporate wellness programs.

My Grocery Cart

brown rice, mung beans, buckwheat, kombucha, millet, quinoa, kale, chard, cilantro, parsley, avocados, daikon radish, ginger, turmeric, almond butter, dark chocolate, mustard seeds, cashews, nori strips, pumpkin seeds, all things coconut, maple syrup, farm fresh eggs, organic local grass-fed beef & lamb, organic local free-range chicken.


We are what we eat. We eat food and our bodies also eat the non-food nourishment that we give ourselves, positive or negative.  In order to be our healthiest selves we must create cells, tissues, and organs with pure and organic food, thoughts, and emotions. Everything is connected. While each of our bodies thrive on different things, how we feed ourselves is how we feed others – people, nature, animals, our planet – and consequently our external environment is a true reflection of our internal environment.   There is no separation, and every day we have the opportunity to eat and live in a way that works well for both.


Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Steve Gagne, Andreas Moritz, Paul Pitchford, Dr. Mark Hyman, Joshua Rosenthal, Liz Lipski, Caroline Myss, Louise Hay


dark chocolate, the ability to live a life that I love without compromising who I am or what I believe in, cycling, laughter, purpose, nature, banana chocolate chip pancakes, playing pranks, girls night out, being outdoors, yoga, growing my own food, reading, cooking, singing loudly while driving.


BS in Business (Entrepreneurship, Finance, & Marketing) from The University of Arizona, Certified Holistic Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition & Columbia University, Certified Holistic Practitioner by the American Association for Drugless Practitioners.

Enough about me. Is This You?

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