Is This You?

In addition to all the smart, sassy, and sexy women I’ve been working with, I recently started working closely with career-minded bartenders and spirits industry professionals to help them find balance in their lives and stay healthy despite the unique challenges of their job.  If you are in the spirits industry, the below might apply, and you can find out more by clicking here.  If you are not in the spirits industry, read on….

  • You feel like your life is out of sorts, and you may or may not yet know why.
  • You generally feel stressed out, sometimes waking up in the middle of the night without being able to fall back asleep.
  • You live sort of an erratic lifestyle – you benefit from structure but every day seems to be different for you, and you feel a little all over the place.
  • You feel like it’s you that’s the problem, and that if you just tough it out things will get better. But underneath it all, you’re not sure how many more years you can keep living your life this way.
  • Strange, seemingly small and unrelated health issues have popped up for you recently.
  • To top it off, you know you’re carrying around a few extra pounds but nothing you’ve tried has worked. You skip breakfast because you’re simply not hungry.
  • Most of the time, your belly doesn’t feel all that great. You’ve gotten used to all the gurgling noises and having lots of gas, being constipated, or having diarrhea.
  • You feel disconnected from yourself and kind of numb, but everything feels ok when you have a cookie, brownie, or some other comfort food of your choice, until after-the-fact when you beat yourself up for what you’ve done.
  • You find that you obsess over things that aren’t going well in your life, thinking perhaps you can fix them so everything can be as you planned.
  • On some level you know that all of this is tied together and the answers are within reach, but overwhelmed is an understatement in terms of how you feel when you start trying to figure it all out.
  • You are committed to your health, but are waiting until you have more time to do anything about it.
  • You’re ready to go there and look at all of this, but you’re not sure where to start and you don’t want to do it alone.

Simply put, you crave change. Click Here to set up an Initial Consultation with Kendra.

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