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Immune Boosters:  How to Avoid the Common Cold, Flu, & Those Other Nasty Bugs

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There is nothing more unappealing than having to be at your best when your head is throbbing, your throat is sore, and you have kept the local drugstore in business with your purchases of tissue boxes and cold medicines that have you calling for your bed.

When this happens, your only choice is to stop your life as you know it and take a day, or even several days, to lay on the couch, rest, and watch movies so you can get well.  The irony in all of this is you could have prevented it all along and saved yourself lots of time with a few self-care steps each day, keeping your immune system strong all throughout cold and flu season.

Believe us, we have been there and we know how it is.  It wasn’t until we each got really sick of being sick that we began to learn how to thwart off the bad guys simply and easily using food as our primary defense.  Through our own personal experiences as well as our training and lots of experimenting, we’ve learned what truly works and what doesn’t.

By listening to our teleclass, you will learn to arm yourself with the essential food and lifestyle tips that will help you fight off the bad guys before you even catch a sniffle!  We’ll share with you the specific foods that contribute to the likelihood of catching a cold and which ones can stop it in its tracks.  And if you’re already caught a cold?  Don’t worry, we’ve got your back – we’re going to tell you exactly what you can do to shorten the life cycle of your nasty bug.

You shouldn’t have to spend a few cold and flu seasons on the couch testing all the gimmicky ideas and advice out there only to figure out what is really effective.  Let us put our years of experience to work for you, so you can be well THIS cold & flu season!

Wave goodbye to headaches, coughs, and sniffles with our “Immune Boosters: How to Avoid the Common Cold, Flu and those Other Nasty Bugs”.


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  • Recorded 1 hour teleclass presented by Crave Health (listen in from your office, home, or in your pajamas)
  • Handy informational packet (tried and true strategies that cut through the information overload)
  • Healthy shopping list (know exactly how to stock your kitchen with immune boosting foods)
  • Immune boosting recipes  (use our favorite, easy and quick immune boosting recipes)
  • Food and nutrition tips  (what will stop a cold in its tracks or decrease the severity every time)
  • Supplement recommendations  (avoid overstimulating your immune system by taking too many immune boosting supplement – find out which ones work best)
  • Lifestyle tips  (learn which soaps works best, how much sleep you should get, and other easy to incorporate lifestyle tips)

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